About Me

About Me

I’m an ACTRA member, with a specialty in comedy. My recent credits include Orphan Black. To see an overview of my recent experience, here’s my acting resume:

Diana Galligan – Acting Resume PDF

My creative outlets in life are acting, directing, writing, professionally speaking. Currently I work as a script supervisor for the Odd Squad.

Personally, my creative outlets are baking, painting, growing a vegetable garden on the deck and being in full competition for the harvest with squirrels that think they can just eat what they want. And they do.

My professional career began as a scenic painter for theatres including Canadian Stage Company, Kensington Karnival and Young People’s Theatre. It was there I found the beauty and sacredness of the stage.

Projects I’ve worked on include web sites, short films, tv, comedy videos, sketch comedy performances, stand up,  web series and mobile projects.

Sometimes I tweet:

Here’s me on IMDB:


kara_dillon_photoAlso, I’m a Dog Lover

This is a picture of me and my dog.

I love her like crazy.

Her name is Maggie.

She is wearing a bee costume. It was Halloween.

She always dresses up for Halloween. So do I.