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The destructive power of ice

After many days of freezing rain, the weight of the ice pulled heavily on the branches. They were encased in ice.

The sheer weight of accumulated ice astounds me. It bent the trees under its weight and in many cases broke them, taking down hydro wires in the process. This picture show the trees two days after the ice storm:

photo (6)

After days of darkness, the power is back on. I am very thankful for the privilege of having access to electricity. Thank you, Ice Storm 2013, for reminding me that while I can survive without it, electricity is great to have when the temperature is -17C (that’s 1.4F for my American friends – yes, that’s one-point-four).

Thank you turmoil, for showing me what I take for granted. I’m humbled.

Happy holidays everyone!


Toronto: Ice Storm Pictures

What’s beautiful about an ice storm?
People that help each other out, that offer their homes, that walk around seeing if people are okay. That share coffee, stories and support.  That come out of their houses to help with fallen logs, smashed cars and cold. Hot chocolates were made. Warmth was shared. Smiles were felt across the city. The times that we need each other are the times we shine as a species.

Also, the ice. The ice is creating wonderful extensions of the existing plants. Incredibly beautiful and destructive. Like us.