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Dinner proposal – online dating

I just got an email online from a guy who said he’d invite me over, make me a Swanson dinner and serve me grape juice. Why didn’t I answer that one yet? Hmmmm….

So, as you might do with online dating sites, I checked out his profile before responding. From the answers he gave, I’m guessing he’s trying to be witty. But I’m unsure.

His picture – now this is another thing. It’s an extremely muscular body in a full-on, body-building pose. No picture of his face. No sign of what his smile might be like. Just a body.

If this is his body, which it very well might be, I doubt he eats frozen dinners. So, why is he planning on serving one to me?!

Oh…wait! He’s 19 years old. Hold the fort! I take that back. 19 and he’s offered to go out and buy a frozen dinner and make it for me. That’s amazing.