Dear Internet

There’s a lady outside my office window. Not to worry, I’m on the ground floor. Anyway, she’s on her phone, set to speakerphone, yelling about a delivery that didn’t happen “after 5, as she had requested.” She’s waving her arms like the customer service person can see her and pacing back and forth making sour puss faces.

She says that if it doesn’t come tomorrow, “there will be consequences.” Not sure what they are, as she didn’t elaborate. Personally, I prefer threats that are concise, so I fully understand my options. Not sure how the person on the other end of the phone feels, but that is my preference for the record. In case you need to threaten me, Internet.

There are huge, aviator sunglasses on her face. Her green linen outfit looks stunning in the sunlight.  She is multitasking, as she is also smoking. It is the smoking area, so that’s okay, too.

Also, her phone is in a pocket in her wallet. So it looks like she’s yelling into her wallet, like the money or credit cards are the problem. It’s a lovely pink leather wallet.

I would have missed her completely but she was yelling so loud, that I heard her through the double panes of glass.  That is impressive. I hope she gets her delivery, or causes some “consequences” for someone, if that is her preference. Judging by the number of times she said it, I think it is.

Just thought you should know, Internet. Thanks for listening.