Dear Internet

I love you.

There, I said it. I don’t care what happens next. I love you.

I love your stories, compassion, your mixed signals, your anger, your joy, the bitter sadness and utter joy I feel around you. Your seriousness sits next to the mundane. I love that I feel like I’m part of the human race when I’m around you – that there’s a place for me to express myself and hear other humans do the same Also, ¬†you let me buy a BBQ easily without a ton of driving or find out facts like the capital city of Greenland that otherwise would take weeks.

Sure, there are people ready to argue about everything and downright call for the demise of another for saying pretty much anything. I know that’s not most of you, internet. It doesn’t sway my love of the people you connect me to – the kitten-video-posting, dinner-picture-uploading, status-writing, news-information-creating, hopeful, loving, angry hoard that I’m now that much closer to because of you.

Keep up the crazy, my love.