Oh, Internet, you never fail to make my day

Among the things I do for a living, I manage online Google Ad campaigns. Those little text ads that show up beside the search results. I write them, track them, edit them and review them. And yes, people do click on them.

One of the tasks is to filter out the keywords that people are searching which are unrelated to your ad/product. Like if you were selling “butter tarts” then you’d want to get rid of things like “butter churn” “cocoa butter” and all the sites that might come up under “tart.” You get the picture.

I love this part – looking at what people have actually searched to get to your site. Some things are no-brainers, but others…well, others are surprising.

Like the image below. People actually searched for these things. I highlighted the choice ones in green. I let you draw your own conclusions.