Save the Pigeon

It’s times like this that I love people.

I was heading into a grocery store and so was a pigeon. He was walking, as I was. Let’s call him Ben. However, Ben didn’t realize the automatic doors that had just opened would then close. It caught his tail and the tips of his wings – he was stuck.

A young girl ran over and the doors opened. Ben walked hurriedly into the foyer, deeper into the store.  He looked a bit hurt.  After discussion, we decided that didn’t really know his condition beforehand. He might have had bad wing already.

We spend 5 minutes talking about what to do. Four people with lives and places to go – we all  stopped and talked. What’s more – we were concerned for the life of this animal. A pigeon. Now, the city is filled with pigeons, but we were connected to Ben.  He needed something from us.

After an unsuccessful call to animal rescue, one woman got some crackers from the soup area of the store and we fed him. He didn’t seem like he had any plans to leave. I did. I had a meeting that I didn’t want to be late for. So I left him there…in good hands.  When I was leaving the store, all of them were gone, the women, the young girl and Ben. No one was around.

Sometimes, it’s the little things that connect me to people. Thanks Ben. Hope we helped.