Stay-cation: A week of silly fun and getting ‘er done

This past week, I have been on a stay-cation. Like a vacation without vacating. Just staying home, going out of the city for a day or two, cooking and walking the dog.

In preparation, I made a list of what I wanted to get done.  Which I typically don’t do, since I view a “to do” list as a “didn’t do” list, that makes me feel angry that I didn’t do it. But this time, I realized it could be a  “still have time to do” list.

After a very busy spring that included producing a mobile app, directing two videos, writing and performing in a theatre show at the Toronto Fringe Festival, I had time for stuff I meant to do and have been putting off since January. An entire week! The list included with visiting old friends, writing, cleaning the closets. Here’s what I learned from this week:

1. That list of things I’ll do when I have time is long. Longer than a week. Write a novel? Finish a screenplay? Create an exercise routine that accounts for my damaged knee.

2. Many things were done. Highlights from my list included getting a massage, on the deck and finishing a spec script for Parks and Recreation (tons of fun!).

3. Lists should include fun. Adding things like  falling asleep in a deck chair  made me enjoy the list (a first!).

4. Getting things knocked off the list gave me momentum. The “one day, this will get done” has been replaced by “I did it.”

5. Time stretches when you honour every minute. Realizing that I have lots of time to do things and not wasting time makes me happy.

6. Silly diversions are important. Currently, I’m making a time lapse video of oyster mushrooms that are growing from a kit in the kitchen. They are growing really fast – I’m sure of it. Now, I’m finding out and I’m giddy just thinking about it.

7. The list is not a list of failures. It’s just a list. Funny that I can make lists for my work projects but not for my life. Until this stay-cation.

Mostly, I got to reflect on my life, where I’m going, what I’m doing.This was the biggest gift of all because I don’t often take time to do that.

And not rush around. Just get up and decide – dog park or garden centre this morning? What a luxury. That’s all there is for life – the beauty of every moment, and I’ve found it again.