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Transit Tales – shooting a promo for the mobile application

This weekend, I directed a short commercial for a mobile application called Transit Tales.  The application was developed by the RTA School of Bite – a joint project between Ryerson University and Bite TV – to explore using comedy to create new, transmedia ideas.

The script was developed to show off the mobile application’s many features. After directing the voice over and collecting the graphics – designed by Paul Marhue –  the final piece was to shoot the scenes on the streetcar. We had to shoot hand-held, as we were not allowed a tripod on the streetcar. The shots concerned Kelly a bit.  A moving vehicle with a shoulder mounted camera – two sets of movement to deal with while getting the shots I wanted.  Kelly did a great job compensating for the streetcar’s rocking and the movement of the actors – capturing some great performances. It was a beautiful thing.

After reviewing the edit yesterday, it was exactly what I envisioned. Exactly. We got amazing shots, including our fake “transit poster” in action that I stuck up in the luckily empty poster spot. I didn’t want to be putting it up over an existing one, but wahoo, there was an empty spot just for us.   Putting the shoot together was a pure joy and being connected to talented people humbles and inspires me.

Thanks to the TTC, the Capitol coffee shop on Queen West, the RTA School of Bite and the amazing group of folks that made this happen.

Transit Tales Filming

The video was completed with permission from the Toronto Transit Commission. This is 6 am! Taken with my iPhone.

Written and Directed by: Diana Galligan
Script Development: Lana Maclin, Mike Kolberg
Camera: Kelly Milligan
Actors: Aaron Lobb, Danya Buonastella
Voice Talent: Mike Kolberg
Audio Technician: Kevin Konarzewski
Editor: Justin Black
Graphics: Paul Marhue

Coffee shop – Capitol Coffee on Queen West in Parkdale