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A good day for Maggie

Maggie, my most excellent dog, had a wonderful pre-birthday celebration with my family. In her usual fashion, she stared down anyone who was eating. Her version of begging is actually silent. She’s all eyes. The eyes of hope and alertness. She sits quietly. And waits. For she knows, patience is rewarded.

I have a big immediate family, so along with my parents, four sisters, my friend Wanda, one sister’s fiancé, my other sister’s husband  and a six year old niece – there was much food and merriment. And, as with any family gathering, food will fall. And Maggie is there. No broom or vacuum required. She is there to help out. It’s only fair.

Today, she got a bone – that was on purpose. We don’t drop bones on the ground in my family. But after that, the beautiful accidents started.

First, cheese fell.  Then, popcorn. Two cheese slices were the currency of the six year old teaching her new tricks. I’m sure she found some other things that I didn’t see fall. She was content.

Now, she’s sleeping and snoring. The gurgling in her stomach is noisy. Loud, burbly digestion sounds in between the snores of her sleeping. The sound of a dog who has eaten a lot of people food – and not health options either. The snacky people food.

It was a birthday party, after all. Not known for the healthy options. Perhaps my stomach will start gurgling, too. So far nothing, but the night is young.

The palatial home of Maggie Magoo.
The palatial home of Maggie Magoo.
Maggie's excellent bed
Maggie’s excellent sleepquarters