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Beauty and Your Job

I have certainly been one to worry about being pretty enough, thin enough and confident enough. It affects me sometimes. But mostly in the area of romance and dating. But wait, there’s a whole new way it should affect me, apparently.

It’s been irking me since seeing one of the Dove ads. This is the one with the sketch artist. A woman at the end, while realizing she’s more beautiful than she thinks, says “[Beauty] impacts the choices and friends we make, the jobs we apply for…”

Hold the fort, people! The jobs? I have never thought I needed to beautiful for a job. Okay, a model, perhaps. But an engineer? I would create this bridge but then I looked in the mirror…and I just can’t do it!

Or, my lack of beauty will make me a bad surgeon? For crying out loud, they wear masks! This is part of the problem they are trying to solve, here. Or is it? Should I really believe that my looks are being judged by my friends?

Plus, if this is true, someone should have a chat with a lot of people! There are ┬áCEOs, professors, neurosurgeons, journalists, politicians….working away and they are far too ugly for their jobs! They’re ugging it up and they don’t even know it. Someone needs to tell them. Anyone up for the task?